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About Us

Working hard to build a secure future.

That's why we hold your interest first and are commited to helping you realize and fulfill your objectives and goals, by increasing and protecting your net worth, which you have entrusted to us to manage. Schroeder & Co., CPA's, LLC can and will assist you on a temporary and/or on-going basis. Due to the size of our firm, our clients receive the one-on-one support and privileges they deserve.

For Over 45 years we've been talking with our clients and few people know their businesses like we know ours. Schroeder & Co. has developed a broad, geographic client database such as:

Agriculture & Farming
Construction Contractors
Auto Dealerships
Insurance Agencies
Retail Trades
Professional Practices
Leasing Companies
Non-Profit Organizations

Our Team

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Fred J. Schroeder, CPA and Managing Partner

Jeffery W. Rieman, CPA and Partner

Nicholas V. Schroeder, CPA

Melanie A. Metzger, CPA and QuickBooks Pro Advisor

Janet L. Homier, CPA and QuickBooks Pro Advisor

Andy Brickner- CPA

Steven J. Gerken - Accountant and Quickbooks Pro Advisor

Jacob A. Schroeder - Accountant

Tonee M. Rader - Accountant

Joann M. Gerken - Sr Administrative Associate, Payroll Tax Assistant

Beverly A. Maag - Administrative Associate, Client Service Specialist

Renee M. Niese - Administrative Associate